High Pressure Polyurethane Dosing Machine

High pressure polyurethane dosing machines, Our company are the known name engaged in the designing, manufacturing, distributing and supplying of a wide variety of polyurethane dosing machine and others instruments. We are a well known company of India. Many branches in and outside our country extends India, so that we have a high reputation in Asia as a supplier of polyurethane foaming application technologies include-mixing heads, high and low dosing pump and discontinuous process (domestic and industrial refrigerator, interior and exterior parts for automotive etc).

High & Low Pressure Dosing Machine

High pressure
  • We have a huge variety of it
  • We make on customers requirements or needs with a tailored design
  • The condition of work improve by it
  • Global environment protection
  • The processes is more efficient production
  • Saving of raw materials by it
  • Use high quality foams with physical properties
Low pressure
  • Its use for medium size business production problems. Nowadays it is moat suitable, competitive etc.
  • Keep low costs investment efficiency and reliability in it
  • It is high technical and well quality standards etc.

HP/LP PU polyurethane and polyol cyclopentane dosing machine manufacturers, suppliers and exporters pump for molded flexible and rigid foam in Mumbai, India to overseas from last 4 decades with assured quality and efficiency. We offers simple manual and most innovative robotic system and nowadays every company wants the beat solutions at the lowest cost. Our professional are highly oriented to customer's cooperation for the project, system development and also after sale needs. We have a huge range of raw material which is useful in customer's technological development. With the help of our brilliant technical team we have gained the ability to offer the solutions for polyurethane dosing, process and production. Our products make it possible for our customers( like many companies) to make parts safely and also make at a low costs. Our team always ready to serve you and provide products and services at reliable and affordable price. We always happy to help you.