Corner Press Machine



The main base frame is of MS structure holding all the top platen, top cylinders, side supports and the railing. The structure consist of rigid columns vertically welded to the base platen.the structure is assembled properly to avoid any deflection during the expansion of the foam.

Heated Platens

They are made as a sandwich panel type composed of two MS sheets, having each one a raw thickness of 15 mm. Between the two sheets there is the heated water recirculation circuit. The recirculation circuit is made of high quality steel tubes tested singularly either before or after the manufacturing process. The concept of uniform heating is very important in the platen and the same has been taken care.

Hydraulic Plant

The hydraulic system consist of a 150 ltrs power pack to operate the 4 nos hydraulic cylinders mounted on top of the press and the seam less piping runs from the side ways of the column. The power pack is design and assembled with reputed make of component. The hydraulic cylinder and with the imported seals to give a longer life.


They are realized upon design and obtained by high quality seamless steel pipes. Sealing gasket seats are obtained by fine machining. The shafts are chrome-plated and rectified. The gaskets are supplied by world-wide known suppliers.

Mototized Working Platens

These are heated platens (see above description) provided of a motorized system to let them shuttle in and out the press frame along steel rails fixed to the ground (included in the supply). Corner press machine manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, exporters and dealers to entire world with quality and safety guarantee as well as warranty.

Electrical Plant

The commands and control panel is placed on top of the main electrical box and it includes:

Buttons for the manual control of the machine movements

Cycle selector for manual or automatic working

Emergency reset and recovery buttons

Stop-cycle button

Thermoregulator for electronic control of the platens’ working temperature

Curing timer (programmable between 0 and 60 min)

Corner Press

Technical Features of the Press machines 4500 * 600mm - 75 ton:

Working platens size
mm 4500 x 600( corner)
Max panel size
mm 4300 x 500
No. of working platens
1. superior fixed and
2. Electrically operated
N° of daylights
Daylight opening
mm 300
Closing platen angle
90 degree
Loading side
mm 600
No. of lateral posts
Pitch between the posts
mm 175
No. of clamping cylinders
4 nos Ø 150 mm
Working pressure
120 bar
Max clamping force
Specific pressure
Max working temperature
400 V - 50 Hz