Commercial Refrigerator Foaming Fixtures & Molds

Commercial refrigeration foaming fixtures & molds offered by us with quality and guarantee performance. We are amidst the reliable manufacturer and supplier in the field of refrigerator foaming fixtures and moulds as well as refrigerator foaming machine instruments (Refrigerator which inner cabinet is made of sheet metal and outer cabinet sheet is made of sheet metal or plastic and insulation is between inner and outer layer for fill the gap and cooling system like condenser, fins etc are made of aluminium, copper and an alloy). Our company provide you best service and offers top notch quality products. Our work team are one of the most experienced and trustworthy team and by our hard working team, our company has touched the mark of excellence as one of the top among manufacturers, dealers, exporters, suppliers and distributors in Mumbai India to all countries and states. Our company share every type of information what do you want to need.

Our refrigerator producing application-

1. Thermo forming machine for inner line

2. Foaming instruments for fridge case and door

3. Metal parts and processing instruments

4. Production line and packaging like Assembling, wielding, injection, cooling, packaging etc according to customers request or requirements.

5. Thermoforming moulds and foaming, jigs, cabinet, die and moulds, chest freezer door forming machine, bending, refrigerator, cooler, punching, fridge fabrication machine etc.

Our products ( expanding moulds and jig) should br make for freezer foaming in addition. We comprises several process like loading, injecting, hardening, transporting with beautiful appearance and friendly characteristic. High production efficiency and low labour intensity are also include with our aim. We offer a huge quality and quantity of refrigerator machine instruments. Thus we are one of the stupendous products exporter service provider from India and supply across the country. We offer a remarkable range of refrigerator machine equipment at nominal rates in the market and have gained prominence in the market with our team professional and friendly behaviour, we always value our all customers and ready to help them.