We established in Navi Mumbai 2007 by a triumvirate of dedicated & focused individuals pooling together an experience of more than 4 decades in the polyurethane industry including polyurethane equipments, spray machines, dosing machines, foaming fixtures and machines with super quality and components. We are leading in polyurea plants manufacturers and installation as per the domestic environments and local climates.

VAG Polytech naming have simple and sweet story which was named with first alphabet of us, having Vijaysinh Thakker, Anchal Singh and Govind Bist. Technical Consultancy & Services with our extensive experience in project management especially related to the Polyurethane Industry. We assist our clients in below:

1. Selecting, supplying, installing & commissioning of high & low pressure polyurethane machines & plants for various PU applications such as:

3. Polyurea plants manufacturer in Mumbai and world as well as service provider for polyurethane foam insulation for storage tanks. We are also engage to deal installation polyurethane plants.

4. Implementation of bulk storage systems as well as polyurethane foam insulation for storage tanks.