Polyurethane Foaming Fixture

High pressure polyurethane foaming fixtures by us as VAG Polytech from last four decades to cover international requirements. We are located in Mumbai, India and dealing with foaming fixtures according to client's instructions and suggestions. We are one of the dominant designer manufacturers, designers, suppliers and service provider of domestic commercial polyurethane (which is a polymer composed of organic units joined by urethane links) foaming fixtures and molds. We are specialise in the use of foam for many of our store fixtures. We are mainly located in Mumbai(Maharashtra) but have many branches in India and foreign countries and dealing according to client's instructions and requirements. We have many styles and sizes to fit your production process and high pressure polyurethane foaming fixtures which have also many features included

  • Dispensing system interfacing
  • Cost effective multi capabilities
  • Experience and multiple discipline staff for service continuous production
  • Well lock internal for safety
  • Self heating and self cooling fixtures
  • Easily interface
  • Plc based control system avail
  • Load or unload easily
  • House control design and manual sequencing
  • Panel cabinet and display
  • Case fixtures available etc
    • We provide thermoplastic polyurethane (which is thermosetting polymers that do not melt when it heated). Our team use best raw material (di and tri isocyanate and polyols) to make. Many stakeholders, appliance manufacturers and food instruments manufacturers industries are our regular customers for cold storage and ever praise our products, price and our team behaviour and services. Our company believes only that profits customers and our in a many ways. We have loyal , multiple trained and discipline team. Every worker qualified include machine assembler (which is join with our company). Our all employees have sustainable thinking and acting by which improve the quantity, quality and safety of our products.

      Polyurethane Foaming Fixtures

      F.LLI ROSSI – ITALY Established in 1965, the company is a leading manufacturers of Domestic / Commercial Refrigerator Foaming Fixtures & Molds including state-of-art Foaming Plants. F.lli Rossi have their own independent in-house design department to support the Customer for the development of Jigs & Molds for their final product.